On Site Services


Fully preparing and protecting existing areas

Understanding that not only is your new finish very important to you but the surrounding areas must be fully protected and prepared to ensure that the finish is up to our fully guaranteed standards. 

It is paramount that quality time is taken at this stage to ensure a fully prepared surface allowing maximum adherence of our quality paint products.

We will use a range of mechanical techniques to prepare the surfaces and where this is not possible it will be completed by hand as it is paramount that the surface is free from any flaking coatings, then keyed and cleaned accordingly before any spraying takes place.

Depending on how much preparation is required, this process will normally take more time than the spraying process itself.  

The Arc - London

The full front facade and roof area prepared, protected and client requested a matt black finish.  Our team used a variety of access equipment to ensure access to all areas and finished with our wet spraying equipment.

The Arc - London

Full preparation of facia, supports, doors and roof areas.  Finished in Matt black.


A multiflight staircase prepared for small refresh of damaged and corroded areas.


We will utilise the most up to date airless spray equipment or the more standard spraying techniques dependant on material, surface or location and finish required.

Whatever option we use it will always give the quality finish that you expect.

For the smaller jobs we will use our very compact and professional battery operated spray equipment.

Understanding that cost is hugely important, we will always work with you to try and keep these to your budget if possible.  

Access to the higher locations in domestic and some commercial properties will normally include the cost of scaffolding, but we have a range of aluminium towers that we can use and this is a significant factor to try and keep the costs down for you.

The gallery below shows some of our work.  It gives a variety of the work that has been painted on site, off site and fitted. Also, some examples of the full turn key project - fully manufactured off site, painted and fitted by our team.



Our gallery has a variety of projects completed.  We can manufacture in most materials and can be fully bespoke to suit your needs. 

Supply and fit service is available on request.

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